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Case Study Axa

Fostering a culture of collaboration & empowerment

Axa launched a global decentralisation project relying on the reduction of hierarchical levels and the nurturing of a culture of horizontal collaboration and team empowerment.
With them, we co-designed a learning program articulated around a 2,5-day in-class experiential learning and the creation of an alumni network to extend peer learning outside of the room.

The on-site session combined external contributions to reframe the thinking, experiential activities including serious games to learn by doing, and more intimate peer-to-peer conversations to reflect and get feedback on their personal journeys and challenges. We repeated the sessions multiple times to allow hundreds of middle and top managers to experience it.

Two thirds into the program deployment, we organised a first alumni session to allow the participants from different sessions to connect and reflect and their learning journey to date: what did they experiment? What did they learn? Where did they struggle? We created this community to perpetuate after we left, to foster a peer learning culture and keep improving cross-functional collaboration over time.