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Case Study Luxury company

Designing an onboarding journey

Hong Kong
In response to double-digit growth in their sales, the company had set ambitious recruitment targets which would inevitably create a stretch on the onboarding process. In addition to this pressure on volume, the head of learning had a strong ambition on quality. While onboarding had traditionally been focussing on brand and product knowledge as well as sales skills, she wanted the explore experiential learning to create a deep and meaningful connection to the brand and its story.

We assembled a small project team composed of representatives of HR and the business Division and co-designed with them a 3-months onboarding journey. The program combined interactive in-class activities, on the job training and on-going coaching and mentoring.

Once we had designed the backbone of the program, we ran a Train-The-Trainer to onboard all the internal regional trainers. The main challenge was to help them embrace the shift from the posture of a teacher to one of a facilitator of a learning experience.
Our team of graphic designers and videographers produced all the supporting training material, and we worked with the various market teams to customise both the format and the content to their local specificities.