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Tools supporting collaborative design


Tetrix is a system of modular cubes that can be assembled to form furniture, partition walls, seating and any shape you want. With the option to have them magnetic or covered with white board surface, those cubes allow you to transform a standard work environment into a collaborative space.

Workshop App

As workshops get bigger in size, it becomes more and more complex and resources intensive to manage content and people flows. We supported the development of a bespoke App to digitalise most of the back-office activities of collaborative workshop with an user friendly front-end, to facilitate interactions with sponsors and participants.


We believe that the physical environment that people work in have a direct and significant impact on their creativity and productivity. We use bespoke whiteboards to structure the space and support the co- design work. We rent our own white-boards in South East Asia and partner with peers for rentals in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America.